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IRES, Inc.


Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions, Inc.

We provide environmentally conscious design, construction, and management services for a variety of projects.

Our Story

We are IRES, which is a collaboration of all our own existing companies. We specialize in reliable renewable energies such as solar, wind, energy storage, solar thermal, and gasification. We started out as an Unlimited Electrical Contractor and got involved in renewable energy for over 30 years and have done standard electrical contracting for over 40 years. Our goal is to bring reliable renewable energy products, systems, and services to any community, territory, and/or Country. We are working to strengthen and create a reliable, resilient, self-sustainable renewable energy grid. Over the years we have worked with several notable companies such as PepsiCo, Wallstreet Journal, DOE, UNCC, CPCC, NC State, Strata Solar, Ameresco, etc. Some highlighted projects for them include but not limited to

  • Strata Solar- 45 meg solar system and 25 meg solar system

  • DOE- Solar Parking Structures design and installation for Solar Energy studies and its associated properties.

  • UNCC- In collaboration with DOE above mentioned project for college students to train and run studies on solar energy and further technological advances at the EPIC building.

  • CPCC- Multi Solar system including thin film and standard panel rooftop system with solar thermal for training and education on PV energy.

  • Power on Energy- 1.1 Gig Microgrid, 5.5 Meg rooftop system.

  • Empire State Building- Energy Efficiency upfit with LED retrofit

  • Gate Petroleum- Converted Southeast division gas stations Canopies and storefront to all LED lighting.

  • To view other projects please visit our website @

We enjoy strengthening communities through reliable energy, job creation, and education. Our technologies are innovative and on the forefront of changing industries from within for the betterment of the world. One of our favorite technologies we are working with is the Gasification Plants that provide a way to remove all undesirable wastes and containments while supplying a reliable energy source without ever putting any contaminants of any kind back into the environment with our closed loop system. This is how we plan to save and even reverse the damage done to the world through the climate crisis through carbon emissions from conventional energy sources.

What We Value

Safety & Security


Transparency & Accountability


Growth & Innovation 


Team Work


Community Outreach


Kurt Hamilton

Daniel Yates Phillips is the President/CEO of Phillips Energy Systems LLC, where Daniel Coordinates, Designs, Develops, and Creates renewable energy systems which includes solar, wind, solar thermal and gasification. Daniel has been in the electrical contracting business for 40+ years. Daniel has almost 30 years of experience in the renewable energy field.

Daniel’s goal is to bring affordable renewable & sustainable energy to Puerto Rico, The USVI and surrounding Caribbean.

Daniel Phillips


Colton Phillips

Colton was born a 5th generation farmer.  He grew up on hard work and with honest and strong values. Colton worked in the family electrical contracting business since he was a teenager learning industry and trade.  Colton is always looking to lend a helping hand and contribute to the team effort.

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